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Heat Transfer Vinyl

What is HTV? Heat transfer vinyl also known as iron-on vinyl, t-shirt vinyl or HTV, is a special type of vinyl that can adhere to fabric. The adhesive on the vinyl is activated with heat. This is the most advance and latest technology of textile print. The front side is the shiny side- that shiny layer is the carrier sheet which you can peel off after you’ve ironed your project. The back side is the matte side, and that is the side you will cut when you create your design. It is also the side that has the heat-activated adhesive.

Why HTV? Vinyl is more easy to print and can be use in any kind of fabric. There is not so much printing technique like traditional screen printing. Also there is special HTV for special kind of fabric. Some are high elasticity.

More attractive print than traditional screen printing. And some print like: PRINT OVER GLITTER, GLOW IN THE DARK, REFLECTIVE, etc. Can not be possible without heat transfer vinyl.
It is more durable, that's mean more wash gua…
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Heat Transfer Paper/PET Film

Beta Chemicals Release coating film made from virgin PET substrate and silicon based original release agent provides excellent dimensional stability, stable release of labels and heat resistance. Best to print Heat Transfer Label for Garment industry.
Why use PET? PET release coating film costs higher than the release paper.... BUT, Stable against humidity. The paper will absorb humidity much and may effect to its dimension. The printed label will roll up itself and very difficult to set correct location on transfer target. Moreover, it may cause unexpected release from paper before transfer. The PET film will not. Easy to handle in warehouse and tranportation. You can see printed label from non-printed side. This means; * You will not mistake wrong label with same shape and different color. * You can find artwork printing problem before transfer on your target. * Easy to locate on target without any label-outline printing on back-side. You can select suface effect type. We have; Gros…

Environmental Friendly Glitter Paste GP-100

Beta Chemical Environmental Friendly Glitter Paste GP-100 is a specific bonding agent which has good compatibility with glitter powder and strong bonding strength with fabrics. It can be used for printing fabrics and braided fabrics. It features good adhesion, transparency and elasticity after processing.

Physical PropertiesComponents: Graft copolymer of acrylateIonicity: AnionpH: 6-8Viscosity: 500-550 mpa s Aberrant can be added or the process can be adjusted according to practical conditions. If it is dry, 0.5% of glycerin can be added.
 FeaturesThe coating is colorless and transparent, and can preserve the color and luster of the original glitter binder without dimming it.The coating has great water resistance.The product features great bonding strength. The fabric has great dry/wet/ rubbing/brushing fastness after printingGood permeability and easy operation.
Packaging Plastic buckets 50kg.
UseGlitter powder (fine dust)=(12-15)Glitter paste(60-85) After mixing properly, screen printi…